Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Wanna Make A Bet?" by Stacy Dawn

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Wanna make a bet?
When aspiring artist and purposefully single Sophie Montgomery mutters those four fateful words, her sexy neighbor, Jay Coltrane, pounces on the opportunity to prove she’s not as immune to him as she thinks. Before she knows it, Sophie finds herself not only betting against a seduction, she’s betting against her own ability to keep her dreams intact and a certain luscious landscaper out of them.

What people are already saying:

“Lay down your money and let the dice roll, because Wanna Make a Bet is a sure thing. From a drool-worthy hero to an adorable bulldog with a thing for monkeys, this book will hook you in with its depth of characters, humor, and sizzling sensuality. I cancelled dinners and was late for appointments, all because I had to know whether it would be Jay or Sophie who won the bet. Stacy Dawn is a talent and I can’t wait for her next novel!”
-Bronwyn Storm

The story will keep you guessing, right to the end.....CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Check it out! Deb's latest story looks great on the Climbing Rose page.

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press - Climbing Rose
Rating: Sweet
Length: Rosette
Price: $1.50
Genre: Contemporary YA

Twelve-year-old Deanne Lawyer has a beautiful voice and a problem—her choir director, Mrs. Davis, just reassigned her descant solo to Sucky Susie Emerson! Deanne will have to use all the wiles her life as the little sister of five brothers has given her to reclaim her rights in time to wow the director of the adult choir for the annual Easter Cantata. Better watch out, Susie. Deanne is on a mission!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Second Sight" is Cover of the Week

Second Sight is Cover of the Week at Erin Aislinn's site!

Go check it out. She says some very nice things about this example of Paul Ellis' art work.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great New Site ~ Killer Fiction

They’re six romantic mystery writers who like their murders with a generous dose of laughter: Kathleen Bacus, Christie Craig, Jana DeLeon, Gemma Halliday, Leslie Langtry, and Bethany True. Check out their brand new website at: to learn more about them. They’re really excited about this new blog and plan to offer lots of fun posts, guest bloggers, contests, and insights into the minds of women who spend their days planning the perfect murder.

Remember, that's Killer Fiction ( and the Killer Fiction Blog (

Check these dangerous ladies out at your first opportunity!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

"Beneath and Beyond" by Debbie Mumford

Beneath and Beyond by Debbie Mumford

Archaeologist Erin Carstedter is a no-nonsense kind of gal. Her colleagues know, if she can’t examine it with a microscope or define it by scientific method, it doesn’t exist. Erin’s beliefs are about to be tested by the most exciting archaeological find of this (or any other) century. A ruin has been discovered beneath the polar ice cap some fifty miles north of Alert, Canada. What Erin and her colleague, Dr. Matt Davidson, discover in those icy depths will challenge her thinking…and change the world forever.

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Buy Beneath and Beyond here!

"Go Between" by Dayna Hart

“Go Between” by Dayna Hart

Coming August 14th from Samhain Publications

Between two races that hate each other, at the doorway between two worlds, can Claire find the strength to be the emissary they all need?

Book One of The Curtain Torn series.

Halfway through her twenties, her divorce, and a bottle of rye, Claire opens her birthday present—a “pressed fairy” book.

One of the fairies is neither pressed, nor a picture. He’s the sinfully sexy Dell, who’s been trapped inside the book for twenty years. The moment Claire frees him, goblins attack her house. Dell and Claire’s only option is to use a “Between”—a rift between their worlds—to escape into the land of Fae.

There, Claire discovers the elven queen, Eliane, has a mission for her—one that has her keeping secrets from Dell. And ousting the goblins from her home is only the start.

Read An Excerpt Online

"Devil's Pearl" by Dawn Halliday

Devil's Pearl By Dawn Halliday

After a year of pursuit, Sir Devlin Vaughn has finally found the beautiful woman who made him the laughingstock of London society. Now he intends to keep her as his permanent sex slave, whether she comes willingly or not.

Julia Beaumont escaped Devlin in an attempt to become a legitimate lady. Her plan backfired, leaving her reputation in tatters. Now Devlin holds her in his thrall once again. Can she free herself, or will he enslave her for life?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

CORN MAZE by Deb Logan

Deb Logan's first Climbing Rose, Corn Maze, has been released!

Isn't the cover beautiful?

Here's a quick blurb:

Twelve-year-old Hannah Barnes is just like all the other girls in her small Georgia town, except for one little detail. Hannah’s best friend—make that her only friend—is a ghost. When the annual Sweet Pea Festival arrives, Hannah discovers the secret to freeing Lilah from her earthly bondage. Hannah has a decision to make. Will she help Lilah move on, or will she hold on to her best friend?

Corn Maze is available here!