Sunday, September 27, 2009

ZERAH'S CHOSEN by Isabelle Santiago

Zerah's Chosen, Book I of the Guardians of Zerah romantic fantasy series, is out today from Drollerie Press!


Fate chose those who were worthy and marked them at conception.
This mark sealed their destiny.

Kieran of Aipa is Death’s Guardian, marked from birth into servitude to a people who have shunned his very existence. He resents his position and all that it entails. A life without freedom, without choice, without love. Misunderstood and feared for his power, Kieran is an outsider among his own kind until he meets the one person who seems to look past Death’s mask into the man below.

Amaya of Delmar has lived at the Temple for as long as she can remember. It is her stronghold until Kieran arrives and changes everything. A victim of her empathic power, Amaya is drawn to Kieran, who violently possesses what they’ve all been denied: Emotion. What begins as an innocent friendship soon blossoms into something forbidden.

The future of their entire world rests on one choice and two lives led by the hands of fate down a path of imminent destruction.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Heart of the Volcano" by Imogen Howson

“Heart of the Volcano” by Imogen Howson

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-668-6
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: September 15, 2009
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Caught between love and duty, can she make an impossible choice?

Five years ago, Aera was called away from everything she had ever known: her home, family, and Coram, the boy she was growing to love. She was given no choice. As the only living lava-shifter—able to transform her body into molten rock—she is destined to serve the volcano god as his fire priestess. Now, before she takes her ordained role, she must face her final test. Execute a criminal sentenced to death for the most unforgivable of all sins. Blasphemy.

She’s shocked to discover it’s no anonymous law-breaker waiting chained at the center of the labyrinth. It’s Coram. For the crime of being a gargoyle, a winged stone-shifter. A gift akin to hers…except his gift is unsanctioned by the temple, his powers proclaimed unholy.

If she refuses the test she will betray her god and condemn her family to dishonor. To pass it she must kill the boy she used to love…the man she still does.

Warning: Contains violence, tears, self-sacrifice, a little bit of I-can’t-bear-to-leave-you-but-I-have-to sex, and a heroine whose touch melts the hero—um, literally.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Myla by Moonlight - Available NOW!

Myla by Moonlight is now available from Samhain Publishing

Magic bites... and its name is Myla.

Created at Prince Taric’s birth, Myla is a spell, an enchantment designed to appear and protect him when he needs it most. She has always been content to do her duty…until one night of forbidden passion leaves her longing to experience life—and love—as a mortal woman. Yet the risk is too great. Even if her blood runs as red as his, she can never give him the one thing he needs: a child.

Taric’s blessing—and his curse—is knowing the kingdom’s future depends on his producing an heir to continue the bloodline. His bond with Myla has always been that of protector and protected. When it suddenly becomes something much more, he unwittingly sentences his people to certain death.

An old enemy is plotting to destroy all he holds dear: his lands, his people, his father, and his lover. And this time, even if they fight tooth and blade, their shared magic may not be enough to save them…

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

RESISTING KANE by Stephanie Adkins

Resisting Kane is now available from Phaze Books!

Past inequities are hard to forget...and harder still to forgive. After fifteen years, high school classmates Madison Carey and Terence Kane are forced to work together to stop a madman whose sole purpose is to seek revenge...with her life as the prize.

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