Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Great Review for ANGELIC VOICES

Wilga Hill Boomerang of Cocktail Reviews awarded 4 Champagne Flutes to Angelic Voices!

Here's a snippet of her review:

A fun YA that explores the way the teenage mind works. I cringed upon realising I’ve entertained similar thoughts as a youngster myself.

Deb responds:

Yes indeed, Wilga! The cringe factor is part of the reason I titled this story as I did…Deanne and Susie might have angelic voices, but their thoughts and actions are anything BUT heavenly.

Read Wiga's complete review here.

Buy Angelic Voices here.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Debbie's Month Long Contest

In honor of the upcoming release of Sorcha's Children: Dragons' Choice, Debbie Mumford is holding a month long contest!

Everyone who signs up for her "no chat" newsletter group before the end of November will automatically be entered for an e-book giveaway! Winner will have the choice of any of Debbie's Freya's Bower titles: Glass Magic, Sorcha's Heart, Second Sight or the by-then-released Sorcha's Children: Dragons' Choice!

Stop by and sign up here.

Debbie will contact the winner via email, and will announce his/her book choice on her blog!

Best of luck to all who enter!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Star Stepping" with WCP

Call for Submissions
Wild Child Publishing Science Fiction/Fantasy Anthology

Do you write science fiction, fantasy, or a blend of the two? Do you have a story between 2500-10,000 words? Then you may be interested in Wild Child Publishing's new science fiction/fantasy anthology titled Star Stepping: A Collection of Science Fiction/Fantasy Stories.

We are looking for mainstream science fiction (soft, hard or anywhere in between) and fantasy. Any planet, any time, any dimension as long as the story is science fiction or fantasy. Combining the two genres or combining one of the genres with another is also acceptable. New stories as well as reprints, provided the author owns the rights, will be accepted. No fan fiction, erotica, or copycat, please.

Please submit stories to: with "Science Fiction Anthology Submission" in the subject line. Please read our submission guidelines:

Submissions will be open from October 1 - December 15, 2007.

Marci Baun
Wild Child Publishing

"Smiling Eyes" Now Available!

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by Adelle Laudan

Winner of Freya's Bower's Anniversary Submissions Call

Lizzy would give it all back just to hear her mother's voice one more time... the house, the furniture...even the money. Regardless, her heartless stepfather is determined to take what he feels is rightfully his. Handyman, Adam Woodward rides into Lizzy's life and vows to keep her safe, but is it enough to stop the cold, callous determination of Ben Stokes?

A Trouble Novel
Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Novel
Genre: Biker Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Star is Born!

Wow! What a weekend! I'm happy dancing on the ceiling for my CP, Jen, and her amazingly talented hubby...

Fellow writer Ken Scholes made a fabulous announcement this weekend: he signed with TOR for a FIVE book series! Check it out here.

Congratulations, Ken and Jen! Enjoy the euphoria before Ken has to start typing madly. *LOL*

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Polyphony 7 Submission Call

Polyphony 7
Edited by Deborah Layne and Forrest Aguirre

Wheatland Press
P.O. Box 1818
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Wheatland Press announces an open reading period for Polyphony 7, the seventh volume in the critically-acclaimed Polyphony anthology series. The publisher and editors are committed to finding outstanding cutting edge fiction from new writers as well as from established writers. We will be looking for stories that stretch (or break) the boundaries of traditional genres. Send us your magic realism, surrealism, literary stories with a genre sensibility, and other hard-to-classify stories with strong literary values, compelling characters, engaging tone and unique voice. If you really want to know what we are looking for, check out the previous volumes of Polyphony, available directly from Wheatland Press, genre booksellers or online booksellers.

We will accept submissions by letter mail only at our P.O. Box, postmarked from December 1, 2007 to January 15, 2008. Manuscripts received with a postmark date outside the designated submission period will be discarded unopened. Email submissions are welcome from overseas contributors. If you live in the United States and feel you must email a submission to us, please query first.

Please follow standard manuscript formatting and submission conventions, especially including no simultaneous or multiple submissions. Word count is open, but our preferred range is 4,000-10,000 words. If you are unfamiliar with standard manuscript formatting, please see the various essays and references under the heading "Manuscript Preparation" at:

Some specifics based on prior experience.

1) No reprints.
2) Please use normal manuscript headers.
3) Do not include copyrighted material in your story.
4) No multiple submissions. One story per author, please.
5) By the same token, no simultaneous submissions.
6) If you are submitting by letter mail from overseas with a SASE, please supply AMERICAN stamps or a sufficient number of IRCs. Colorful as they are, foreign stamps are not accepted by the United States Postal Service. Enclosing cash for return postage is not helpful either, because that is another transaction we have to deal with. We will also be happy to reply by email to overseas subs, even those that come by letter mail.
7) If you live outside the U.S., you may send an email submission to: Please be sure that the subject line includes the phrase “Polyphony 7 Submission.”

It is our intention to respond to all submissions by the end of March 2008. We will pay $0.04 per word for First Print and Electronic World Anthology Rights, to a maximum of $400.00, on acceptance, along with two author's copies on publication. These guidelines may be redistributed freely in their entirety.

We look forward to seeing your best work.

Deborah Layne, Publisher and Editor
Forrest Aguirre, Editor

Friday, October 5, 2007

A New Title from Babe King!

On Sale October 9th at Freya's Bower!!

This hunky youth worker is NOT what the doctor ordered!

Dr. Jaclyn Donnel will fight anything to fix the inefficient health care system that let her father die. When charismatic youth worker, Sam Allen's expensive new rescue program threatens her under-funded ER, they're bound to butt heads.

Sam knows first hand that the only way out of the gutter is a hand up. He's determined to save Tasmania's street kids, regardless of cost and the sexy, headstrong doctor opposing him, until one youth demands a price even Sam won’t pay -- Jaclyn's life.

They may not save the world, but they might just save each other.

Between the Gutter and the Sky received 5 champagne flutes from Cocktail Reviews!!!
“A thrilling finale gets the heart pumping and the tummy doing flip-flops.”

Read Excerpt


Half author income from this book goes to Gran's Van to feed the homeless.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Obsidian Mirror by Tawny Taylor

Obsidian Mirror by Tawny Taylor
Cover art by Sahara Kelly
Genre(s): Paranormal, BDSM
Theme(s): Ménage, Witches, Wizards & Magic
Length: Novella
Price: $3.49

Once a year, for one magical night, they come. They take. They dominate. And then they return to their world behind the glass. Warriors from another dimension, seeking relief from their carnal hunger. But when the time is right, they must help their hostess accept her true mate, the one man who will heal her wounds and make her whole.

Skylar Morissey is perfectly content to have her once-a-year carnal visit from her dominant warriors. She can have twenty-four glorious hours of no-strings, kinky sex with not one but two gorgeous hunks. What girl wouldn't love that? Sure, there are those women who might like something more stable -- more grounded in the real world -- but not this girl, nope. She has her reasons for not getting into anything too complicated, very compelling ones. Until her very real neighbor, Trace Blackshaw, makes an unexpected appearance, and a few demands of his own.

Trace and Skylar share a dark past, one that has stained their souls and scarred their hearts. Skylar would rather forget. Trace cannot let it go. Nor will he let Skylar go, now that he’s found her.

In the end, it will be Skylar’s choice. Submission to the one man who shares a soul-deep bond with her, or hide from the pain and content herself with one night a year with two dominant lovers…from the obsidian mirror.

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