Monday, November 26, 2007

"Dragons' Choice" Is Now Available!

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by Debbie Mumford

Sorcha and Caedyrn's love has created a new breed of beings. Neither wholly dragon nor fully human, Sorcha's children shapeshift at will. The six fledglings have been raised as dragons, but the time has come to explore their human heritage. Aislinn and Taran are the first to leave the ice aerie for the world of men.

Aislinn discovers the lure of sexuality amidst the intrigues of King Leofric's court, while Taran learns the source of his debilitating malady. The siblings confront danger and prejudice among their mother's kin and discover love along the way. But love creates dilemmas: To live within the ice aerie with their dragon kin, or live amongst humans? Aislinn and Taran must make their choice.

A Sorcha's Children Novel
Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Novel
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There's Still Time to Enter Debbie's November Contest!

In honor of the upcoming release of Sorcha's Children: Dragons' Choice, Debbie Mumford is holding a month long contest!

Everyone who signs up for her "no chat" newsletter group before the end of November will automatically be entered for an e-book giveaway! Winner will have the choice of any of Debbie's Freya's Bower titles: Glass Magic, Sorcha's Heart, Second Sight or the by-then-released Sorcha's Children: Dragons' Choice!

Stop by and sign up here.

Debbie will contact the winner via email, and will announce his/her book choice on her blog!

Best of luck to all who enter!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Rose of Any Colour: Male Dom


Warm up this fall with six sensual tales of dominance and submission, pain and pleasure, and the loves that blossom from surrender.

Included in the anthology:

On Bended Knees by Canice Brown-Porter
Morgan has finally found her place in the Lord Evan's feet. But will he accept her as his submissive after her training or must she find another Dom?

Little Book of Fantasies by Miranda Heart
Kaitlyn couldn't have been more surprised than when her boyfriend of three months suddenly kidnaps her and drags her to an abandoned train car. She doesn't know whether she's going to be tortured to death or remain for his pleasure, so why is she titillated by the whole thing?

A Scandalous Arrangement by Kayleigh Jameson
A well-bred lady and a rakish earl escape the ton and shed their inhibitions in A Scandalous Arrangement...

Sold into the service of a brothel madame to satisfy her brother's gambling debts, Lady Anna Boscawen finds herself catapulted into the scandalous, seedy underbelly of the ton when she is given a new name and her virginity is auctioned off to the highest bidder. Vere Fane, Earl of Westmorland is rich, powerful, and devilishly handsome, known throughout society for his carnal inclination and the pleasure and pain he inflicts upon the women he alternately ravages and worships. Bound together by unusual circumstances, Vere leads Anna through a whirlwind of emotions, teaching her to find the ultimate freedom - in submission.

Unwrapping Amy by Emily Ryan-Davis
Amy and Mac Corcoran have known one another for 20 years. They've been lovers for 16. Married for 14. Twenty years, and they still have secrets. Will confession hold them together or tear them apart?

Efflorescence by Katrina Strauss
It's the spring of 1920. The wholesome Gibson girl is fading from grace, while the spirited Flapper has yet to emerge. In the midst of this transition, a young and bored Hannah struggles to find her place. When she models for Russian painter Pavel, she meets a kindred restless spirit. As their friendship evolves, their sessions lead both to question their taboo desires. But as Hannah and Pavel gradually explore these desires, can they also find room in their lives for love? With themes of bondage, and a guest appearance by a young Anais Nin, Efflorescence explores one girl's coming-of-age at a time when women, as a whole, redefined their role in a changing world.

Touching Down by Joe Wilson
Joe flies a thousand miles to give a pink rose to a woman he calls Pita, and to demand she submit. When she obeys, he challenges her values and fears with lust and pain … six miles above the ground … in a lavish casino resort … at a pillar with a whip and a poem, and that damn pink rose. On an unlikely journey, a jaded dominant and a wary divorcee begin an adventure that will take the rest of their lives and teach them once again about love and trust.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Excellent Review for CORN MAZE

Diana from Night Owl Romance gave Corn Maze a score of 4 out of 5 which translates as "A Page Turner"!

Here's a snippet of her review:
I really enjoyed this story. This is my second time reviewing a Deb Logan book and I love the way she writes such creative stories for young adults...For anyone who has children, or for anyone who wants to read stories from a good storyteller, I would definitely recommend a Deb Logan story. I look forward to reading future works of hers.

Read the entire review here.
Buy CORN MAZE here.