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LeeAnn at Fallen Angels Review enjoys my work!

She gave Dragons' Choice 5 Angels!!!!

Here's a quick snippet of her comments:

The characters are beautifully crafted, and draw the reader quickly into their world. There is danger, adventure, humor, and you can feel the air rushing across your skin each time the dragons take flight. The plot moves quickly, and holds your attention with the special kind of magic I have enjoyed in Ms. Mumford’s previous works. I will be waiting for each new installment of this series as we discover the fates of all of Sorcha’s children.

Read the complete review here.

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Flash Me Magazine has started a review page and they chose my books as their inaugural effort! The books they review are either collections of flash fiction or books written by authors they have published in the past. I'm pleased to qualify for their new service and thrilled that they chose to review both Second Sight and Dragons' Choice.

The reviews are only available in the subscription PDF version, but here's a link to the announcement. You can subscribe here.

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Dawson reviewed Dragons' Choice. Ms. Dawson said:

"Mrs. Mumford’s delightful storytelling makes every scene vivid and entrancing. She has an excellent ability to look at humans from a dragon’s point of view."


"The book flows between brother and sister in a seamless fashion, carrying two stories easily. Mrs. Mumford’s light tone and vibrant characters make every chapter a pleasure to read."


Dragons' Choice's review with The Long and the Short of It earned 4 Books! Woot!!

Zinnia said, "I found this story a nice change of pace from the usual shape shifter story. It is unusual to find a paranormal/shape shifter story set in what can only be described as the Middle Ages."

As to my female characters, she said this:

"...writing some very strong female characters. Aislinn was a breath of fresh air. She never hesitated in any step of her journey. She went after everything with a strength and determination that was admirable. Senga is at first, rather unlikable, but as she comes to realize her true feelings about Taran and life in general, she started to grow on me. And of course I must mention Sorcha. As a mother and human she has a unique perspective to what her children are experiencing. She mother’s with the best of them. She knows when to step in and offer advice and when to just get out of the way."

Read the entire review here.


White Russian Highly recommends Dragons' Choice!

There is so much more going on in Sorcha’s Children: Dragons’ Choice than I have touched upon. Sub-plots abound—damn good ones too! I absolutely loved this fantasy tale and wholeheartedly hope that the other children’s lives will also be written about.

Yay! She wants to read about the other kids!!

Summary: A rich and delightful read. Ms. Mumford has an exceptional talent in making fantasy reality. Nothing is unbelievable; my mind accepted everything as fact, without question. Well done to Ms. Mumford in yet again making me believe that dragons do exist. Fantastic imagery, very good word use—a tale written with superb aplomb. I highly recommend Sorcha’s Children: Dragons’ Choice. A magnificent novel that I wished had gone on and on and on…

Is that not an awesome summary statement? And SIX champagne flutes to boot! Thanks for a wonderful review, White Russian! You've made my week!

Read the entire review here.

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