Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Check Out Ava Rose's New Release

Midnight Melody by Ava Rose Johnson

An Erotic Ghost Story

Available now from Twilight Fantasies

Five years after her husband’s tragic death, Lizzie Jenkins’ life has
come to a standstill. Spending her days like the living dead, she
struggles through, the darkness dragging her down. But when the music begins, arousing her from troubled sleep, long-gone emotions are
The green-eyed piano player hypnotizes her with his soft
melodies, eliciting a desire within her that she has never
experienced and soon she falls into a passionate affair. It doesn’t matter that this man is from another time, his power over her is too strong. She’s addicted. But how long can a relationship with a ghost last? Surely, it must end… right?

Read an excerpt online here.

You can buy Midnight Melody here.

Vist Ava's website here.

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