Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SHOOT THE MOON by Patricia Steele

Shoot The Moon
by Patricia Steele

Caroline Phillips and Callie Beauvais never imagined their determination to change Larkspur Insurance Company’s prescription card would fuel treachery from within, leaving them fighting for their lives and patching broken bones.

Attorney Lee Carle and Web designer Derrick Leander work beside Caroline and Callie amid a constant barrage of stumbling blocks. As they pursue their goal together, havoc reigns when a competing insurer makes a bid for the Canadian drug supplier’s contract and a Senator plays hardball to force a contract with a local pharmacy company. The prescription card war spawns romance, and Caroline shoots the moon against all odds, determined for justice to prevail.

Filled with complex characters and relationships, Shoot the Moon is filled with highly charged emotion and unexpected twists and turns as good and evil vie for attention.

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