Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Breaking the Covenants" Coming April 24th

Breaking the Covenants
By Celina Summers & Rob Graham

The German vampire Gunther von Wittersheim has a problem: he’s fallen in love with the English Lady Marguerite Giffard and his greatest immortal enemy knows about it. Alphonse de Brunel is also a vampire, and ruthless enough to use the human girl as a weapon against his foe. When de Brunel captures Marguerite and turns her into a vampire against her will, Gunther swears to destroy him.

But vampires are bound by the Covenants, a code of law enforced by the mysterious and most powerful of the vampire Elders. If Gunther kills de Brunel, the Conclave will destroy him. Marguerite must find a way to keep Gunther’s thirst for revenge from leading him to his death. When they pursue de Brunel to St. Petersburg, they find themselves caught up in a revolution that pits vampire against vampire. Can they find a way to capture de Brunel and return him to the Conclave before the violence in Russia sweeps them up? Or will they, too, fall prey to the breaking of the Covenants?

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